Norwich Livestock Market




I used to work here on Saturdays when I was a student, as an RSPCA officer. I hated every minute of it, and it made me become vegetarian for a time. There was an enormous amount of cruelty to the animals going on, with pigs, cows and sheep being routinely maltreated, and I was always having to stop the teenage drovers using sticks with pins in the end on the cattle. At the end of the day, the poultry would be crammed half-dead into boxes and driven away. The final straw for me was when a sick cow which had been reported as possibly suffering from BSE was somehow secreted off the market to an abattoir before the veterinary inspector got to it, and it no doubt ended up in the food chain.
It’s all quite run-down now, but there’s still a livestock market that takes place here, though it’s nowhere near as large as it once was.

I just hope that the conditions have improved.


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