The site of St. William’s Chapel, Mousehold Heath

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This is a true story.

A woman has a dream concerning a fish.

She is standing in the middle of the road with her father – who happens to be a priest of high renown – and the fish is lying at her feet.

The fish is of a type which is known in these parts as a luce; it has twelve fins on each side, and each fin is red, as if dabbed with blood.

How did the fish get there?

How can it live in so dry a spot?

Her father tells her to take up the fish and hold it to her bosom.

She cradles the fish in her arms, rocking it to and fro, and as she strokes its head, it begins to move and grow larger and larger at an alarming rate.

It grows so fast and so large that she can no longer hold it, and it slips out of her grasp. But instead of flopping to the ground, it suddenly grows wings, takes to the air, and flies away.

It circles above them before passing through the clouds and disappearing from view.


This is a noteworthy fact.

It was laid down by the Jews in ancient times that every year they must sacrifice a Christian in some part of the world to their most high God, in scorn and contempt for Christ.

This is because it is due to Christ’s death that they have been shut out from their own country and are in exile as slaves in foreign lands.


This is a true story.

Every year, at Narbonne in Spain, where the Jews are held in high regard, lots are cast in order to determine the country where the sacrifice will take place.

In the capital city of that country, another lot is drawn to determine the town or city, and it just so happens that at this particular time the lot has fallen on the Jews of Norwich, and all the synagogues in England have signified, by letter or message, their consent that the killing should take place here.

(Adapted from The Life and Miracles of St. William of Norwich by Thomas of Monmouth, written 1173)



This is a true story.

After the invasion of Britain in the spring of 1941, the German army swept away all before it, ruthlessly punishing any act of insurgency, and rounding up and executing all those it considered to be “a threat to the democratic process…”

Within days, the King and his family were fleeing to the Bahamas – heading, ironically, to the very place where his brother had been in exile after his abdication.

Edward and Mrs. Simpson returned back to London in triumph, where they were greeted by ecstatic crowds…

On August 24th, two days after the Coronation, the Fuhrer made a speech in Norwich from the balcony of the City Hall – now a run-down and dilapidated hotel – where he was flanked by Dr. Goebbles, the head of the Ministry of Popular Enlightenment and Education, and Heinrich Himmler, the Reichsfuhrer-SS, who was also responsible for the Ministry of Ancestral Inheritence.

Hitler announced to the crowd that an archaeological survey carried out by Himmler’s ministry in woodland to the north of the city had uncovered the skeleton of an adolescent boy which dated back to mediaeval times. There could be no possible doubt that these bones were those of the boy-saint William, whose cruel murder by the Jews eight hundred years before had “first opened the eyes of the world to the evil intent that was inherent in all Jewish hearts”.

It had been necessary to cleanse the stain of Judaism from the face of the earth – a project which, the Fuhrer was pleased to say, was now nearing completion.

To mark this momentous achievement in human history, the shrine of the saint – long since ruined and overgrown – was to be re-built and re-dedicated to “the most glorious accomplishment of the Third Reich…”





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