good friday 2_20160327_0023 (2)

Can I ask what you’re doing, sir? I looked at the security guard, and then looked down at the camera I was holding.
I’m just taking some photographs, I replied.
Do you have permission to do that, sir? he asked.
I don’t need permission, I told him. It’s not against the law.
You’re not permitted to take photographs in this shopping centre, sir, he said.
I can see no sign that tells me photography is not permitted, I replied.
I’m afraid it’s not permitted, sir.
Why is that?
Because this is private property, sir.
Are you telling me that any kind of photography is not allowed in here?
Yes sir.
Even upstairs in the food hall? Parents are always taking photographs of their kids eating food.
It’s not permitted, sir.
Don’t you think this is a little bit Kafka-esque?
I don’t really know what you mean, sir.
Why is it not permitted?
Because this is private property, sir. And for security reasons.
Security reasons?
Yes, sir. For all I know, you could be a terrorist, sir.



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